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Let's Wipe Out Graffiti

brochure1Regina’s Graffiti Management Program plans to eradicate graffiti through education, engagement and enforcement. To learn more about the program, contact the City at 306-777-7000.

If graffiti appears on your property:

Record: Take a photo of the graffiti vandalism as soon as you see it. The photo is critical to successful investigations by the Regina Police Service.

Report: Report all incidents of graffiti damage to your property by calling the Regina Police Service at 306-777-6500. You will be given instructions on how to submit information and the photo. Or go online to If you see a graffiti crime in progress, call 911.

Remove: Remove graffiti from your property as quickly as possible. A quick response has been shown to prevent it from reoccurring.

If graffiti appears on City-owned property:

Contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000 or by filling in the Online Service Request form so that City Staff can remove the graffiti before it becomes a neighbourhood issue.

For graffiti management to be effective, graffiti needs to be wiped out quickly whenever it appears. That’s why The Regina Community Standards Bylaw requires owners or occupants of property to remove all graffiti from their premises, including buildings, accessory buildings, dwelling units or structures.