Image of the City of Regina

What is Graffiti?

Regina has a Graffiti Management Program and we need to work together to wipe out graffiti in our community.

The Community Standards Bylaw defines “graffiti” as drawings, inscriptions, or writings, however made, on buildings, accessory buildings, dwelling units, or structures without the prior written consent of the owner.

When graffiti appears, this Bylaw requires the owners or occupants of property to remove all graffiti from their premises within a reasonable time limit. Failure to do so could result in legal action and the City will make arrangements to have the graffiti removed with the associated costs being applied to the property owner’s taxes.

If a property owner does not remove graffiti from their property, offenders are more
than likely to vandalize nearby locations and neighbouring properties.

Graffiti is vandalism, not art. It’s a
crime under the Criminal Code of
Canada to put graffiti on private