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Preventing graffiti

Remove graffiti from your property as quickly as possible. A quick response to remove graffiti has been shown to greatly reduce the incentive to deface the area in the future.

Prevention Ideas
There are lots of crime prevention ideas that will work effectively in discouraging
vandals from targeting your property with graffiti.

Consider growing plants along the walls of your property, using anti-graffiti coatings
or commissioning an art mural. Murals brighten up the neighbourhood and are
highly effective at deterring further graffiti.

Move garbage disposal bins away from walls so the offenders can’t vandalize both
surfaces in a single act of graffiti.

Contact the City of Regina about graffiti on any neighbouring property so that
Bylaw Enforcement staff can get involved and work with the property owner to have
the graffiti removed before it becomes a neighbourhood issue. You can also let the
City know about graffiti on any City-owned property so that staff can clean it as soon
as possible.