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What can you do if you are a victim of graffiti?

Unfortunately, the actions of uncaring, inconsiderate, bored individuals cause work, inconvenience and expense for those who care about their property and their community. Graffiti impacts the whole community and requires action from everyone.

Here is what you need to do to do if graffiti vandalism appears on your property:

  • Record: Take a photo of the graffiti vandalism as soon as you see it. The photo is critical to successful investigations by the Regina Police Service.
  • Report: Report all incidents of graffiti damage to your property by calling the Regina Police Service at 306-777-6500. You will be given instructions on how to submit information and the photo. Or go online to If you see a graffiti crime in progress, call 911.
  • Remove: Remove graffiti from your property as quickly as possible. A quick response has been shown to prevent it from reoccurring.

Why is graffiti removal important?

Graffiti harms our community by:

  • encouraging additional graffiti and vandalism in the area where it appears
  • costing money to paint or repair damage
  • offending individuals when graffiti is obscene, racist, or derogatory
  • damaging the natural architecture of our city
  • creating fear of crime