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Travel on Paratransit

To ensure your trip is as smooth as possible, please follow these tips:

  • Bring along only parcels or baggage that you or your attendant can carry. require storage or take up additional seats. Operators will assist ambulatory passengers with one bag of goods.
  • Have your fare ready before the Operator arrives. Please pay either with exact change, or an R-Card, since Operators do not carry change.
  • Ensure you are dressed appropriately for the weather, unless a medical condition prevents it.
  • Wait for your bus at least 10 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time inside the first accessible door. (Since there is a “20 minute pick-up window”, your bus may arrive 10 minute before or after the time you requested.) 
  • Don’t be late! If you are not there when the Operator arrives, he/she will wait 5 minutes before leaving to pick-up the next passenger. If you know you are going to be late, call 306-777-7007 as soon as possible.
  • If you miss your initial trip, your return trip is automatically cancelled.
  • If required, let the Operator help you from the doorway to the RPS vehicle. If you use a wheelchair, the Operator will assist you up and down a maximum of 1 exterior stair, unless the Operator considers the stair dangerous. NOTE: Operators will not clear stairs or ramps of ice and snow.
  • If required, allow the Operator to help you inside the vehicle (either using the stairs or the power lift.) On vehicles with wheelchair lifts, the Operator will operate the lift.
  • Allow the Operator to secure your wheelchair or scooter to the vehicle’s floor restraints.
  • You MUST provide and wear a lap belt approved by Transport Canada during your trip, in addition to the lap and shoulder and floor restraints that secure their wheelchair or scooter. Contact Regina Paratransit if you require information about where or what lap belt to purchase.
  • Do not smoke or wear scented products in consideration of others who may be travelling in the same vehicle.
  • The Operator will assist you from the vehicle to the inside of the closest accessible door, once you arrive at your destination.