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Categories of Paratransit Users

Logo of Regina Paratransit ServiceBefore you can book a trip on Regina Paratransit Service (RPS), you must apply to become a registered user. Register users have either a neurological, mobility, or sensory-related disability or have a medical condition that prevents them from using the fixed-route, public transit system.

There are 4 types of registered users:


You can receive a permanent registration if you require the continuous use of Paratransit. You must also be a Regina resident.

If you do not use Paratransit in an 18-month period, your permanent registration will be deactivated. To reactivate your registration, call 306-777-7815


You can receive a temporary registration if you are temporarily disabled (e.g., broken leg or hip replacement surgery) and unable to use regular transit for a limited time period.

You can reapply for another temporary registration if you need to use the service past the initial time period


Winter registrations are for people who only require Regina Paratransit Service in the winter and are issued from October 1 until April 30.


If you need to travel on Paratransit while you visit Regina, you can apply by submitting your application form by mail at least a month in advance to:

Regina Paratransit Service (RPS)

333 Winnipeg Street PO Box 1790 Regina, SK S4P 3C8

You must provide a city address as a pick-up location. A visitor's registration does not expire and is valid every time you visit Regina.