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Choose Your Fare

Picture of a young college student showing her post-secondary pass to driverRiding transit is the route to saving money.

Note: Exact coin fare is required; bus operators cannot make change. The fare boxes do not accept paper money. 

What is an R-Card?

The R-Card is a reloadable smart card that replaces tickets and monthly passes. It can be loaded with pre-paid rides, cash equivalent or monthly pass information.

 Cash Fare10 RidesMonthly PassesDay/Weekend
Family Pass
Adult $3.25 $29 $92 $10
Child* Free n/a n/a Free
Youth** $2.75 $24.50 $66 $10
Post-Secondary*** $3.25 $29 $78 $10
Senior**** $3.25 $29 $300/year or $150/half year $10

*Child fares apply to those 4 years of age or younger who are accompanied by a paying passenger; if travelling alone, child must pay youth fare. 

**Youth fares apply to riders 5-14 years of age or high school students.h    

*** To be eligible for a post-secondary pass, students must be attending a post-secondary institution in Regina. Post-secondary students can only purchase their pass from certain post-secondary institutions or at the Regina Transit Information Centre. Students must show current proof of enrolment at time of purchase. Anytime a Post Secondary R-Card is lost, the student must provide proof of enrolment in order to receive a replacement R-Card. The University of Regina offers a U-Pass for its students for the fall and winter semesters.

****Senior fares apply to individuals 65 years of age or older and are a resident of Regina.

A day pass is good for unlimited travel on any Regina Transit bus from the day it is first used on the bus and is effective for 24 hours.

A weekend pass allows your family (maximum 2 adults and 3 children who are 18 years or younger or 1 adult and 4 children) to ride any regular Regina Transit route as much as you like on either a Saturday or a Sunday.

What if I need to transfer?

If you board a second bus within an hour of paying for your original trip, the smart technology in the system will identify your next trip as a transfer. If you pay with coins, you will need to ask the operator for a paper transfer. When paying for more than one fare with the R-Card, the second person must request a paper transfer. You will have to scan your transfer when boarding the second bus to complete your trip.