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Employer Pass Program

What is the Transit Employer Pass Program?

The Transit Employer Pass Program allows employees of participating companies to purchase a Transit pass through payroll deduction.  You can use your R-Card for unlimited rides on Regina Transit throughout the year.  The program is available to permanent employees. You can also purchase a card for a dependent registered on your benefit package.  The cost will be deducted from your pay cheque.


For $76.67 per monthly pay period or $920.04 annually, compared to $1,104 for 12 regular 31 day passes, you have unlimited rides on Regina Transit. It's like getting two months for free!

Enrolling in the program

If your company is not currently enrolled in the Transit Employer Pass Program, have your manager phone Service Regina at 306-777-7000.

If your company is enrolled, simply ask your payroll department for an application form. Fill in the form and return it to payroll. Your company submits the form to Regina Transit and arranges for payroll deductions to begin on your next pay period.  

Withdrawing from the program

We require 30 days notice for cancelling your R-Card. 

What if my pass is lost, stolen or broken?

You must visit the Transit Information Centre (2124 11th Avenue). A replacement R-Card can be issued for a fee of $5, payable by the employee.