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Seniors pass

Picture of a senior getting her pass from TICIf you’re a resident of Regina and 65 years of age or older, you can purchase a Senior's R-Card from Regina Transit. You can then load your R-Card with either an annual or semi-annual pass. The pass allows you unlimited travel on regular Regina Transit routes for the time period purchased.


An annual Seniors pass costs $300. A semi-annual Seniors pass costs $150.

If you find it difficult to make a lump-sum payment, you can use Transit’s Preauthorized Payment Plan (P.P.P.) and pay for your pass through monthly withdrawals from your chequing account.

Purchasing your first Senior's R-Card

If you are purchasing your first Seniors R-Card, please visit the Transit Information Centre (2124 11th Avenue) or the Transit Operations Centre (333 Winnipeg Street) with proof to show you are 65 years of age or older.

Renewing your pass

You can renew you pass in person by visiting any Transit Agent if not on the preauthorized program. If on the preauthorized program you must visit the Transit Information Centre or Transit Operations Centre.

Cancelling your pass

If you wish to cancel your Seniors pass, you must know your R-Card number that is located on the lower left hand corner on the back of the card. For more information, please call the Transit Operations Centre at 306-777-7726 

Lost Senior passes

If you lose your Senior R-Card, contact Regina Transit immediately at 306-777-RIDE (7433). You can purchase a replacement pass for $5.