Image of the City of Regina

Low Floor Buses

Low floor buses are found on all routes and allow for easy access on and off the bus since low floor buses have:

  • No stairs to climb
  • The ability to ‘kneel’ to get close to curb level
  • A low-angle ramp that unfolds to allow wheelchairs, scooters, baby carriages, or carts to board the bus

If you use a mobility device and need assistance with the securement system, please ask the operator.  When requested, the operator will give instructions on how to secure the device.  If you or an attendant is unable to secure the device, the operator will assist you. Your attendant will ride free.

All Regina Transit buses are low floor accessible.

If you are unable to use the regular Transit system because of a physical or neurological-related disability, you are eligible for service through the Regina Paratransit Service.


Winter Maintenance Hot Spots

Regina Transit, in partnership with the Winter Maintenance branch, has developed a list of 10 areas within Regina that will receive high priority snow removal in the winter. The areas have a high number of of passengers with accessibility issues and/or CNIB passengers that frequent the bus stop:

  • 11th Avenue from Rose Street to Lorne Street - both sides of the street.
  • Albert Street from 9th Avenue to 15th Avenue - both sides of the street.
  • Broad Street from 11th Avenue to 14th Avenue - both sides of the street.
  • Rae Street behind Golden Mile Shopping Centre - both sides of the street.
  • 12th Avenue from Albert Street to Lorne Street
  • 7th Avenue N at Smith Street - southbound and eastbound.
  • Sangster Boulevard at Gariuk Crescent, Stern Bay and Carnegie Street.
  • Albert Street at Avonhurst Drive - southbound only.
  • Fleet Street at North Service Road.
  • Dewdney Avenue from Wascana Street to Elphinstone Street - both sides of the street.