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Bikes on Buses

It's Fast and Easy!

All Regina Transit buses are equipped with easy to use bike racks.  The racks are mounted to the front of each bus and hold two bikes.  Easy to follow instructions are printed on the rack. Watch this video for full details on how to load and unload your bike.

To Load

Before the bus arrives get your bike ready for loading by removing any loose objects that could fall off while the bus is in motion. Move toward the bus stop when you see the bus approaching. Ensure the bus has come to a complete stop before stepping off the curb. Let cyclists who are getting off the bus remove their bikes from the rack before loading your bike. To load your bike, follow these steps:

1. Stand in front of the bike rack and squeeze the yellow handle to release the latch. Fold the bike rack down.

2.  Lift your bike onto the rack, fitting the wheels in the wheel trays.  Note that the position of the front wheel is marked on the tray.

3.  Pull the yellow support arm out and up over the top of the front tire to secure the bike in place.

Board the bus and pay your fare. Your bike rides for free. Sit as close to the front of the bus as possible.

Note: you are responsible for properly securing your bike to the rack.  If you are unsure, ask the bus operator for instructions.

To Unload

About a block before your stop tell the bus operator that you want to get off at the next stop and that you will be unloading your bike. Exit the bus by the front door. To unload your bike, follow these steps:

  1. Pull the yellow support arm out and up over the tire to release it.  Ensure the support arm clicks into place on the rack.
  2. Lift your bike out of the bike rack.
  3. Squeeze the yellow handle and fold the rack up into the locked position if the rack is empty and there is no one waiting to load their bike.

Move to the sidewalk and signal to the bus operator that it is okay for the bus to move out of the bus stop.

Note: Regina Transit is not responsible for damages incurred or caused by or to bicycles on Regina Transit property.