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Safe Bus

The Safe Bus program is a community partnership between the Regina Transit, Regina Crime Stoppers, and the Regina Police Service.

The Safe Bus program provides a safe haven for anyone who is in need of help. If you are lost, hurt or in trouble, flag down a Regina Transit bus, or get on at any bus stop.

Trained transit personnel have direct 9-1-1 access and can help mobilize the appropriate community resources to provide assistance. You DO NOT need to pay a fare to get help through the Safe Bus program.AUS_6781

Teach your children that if they are lost, cold, frightened or hurt, they can hold up their hand (palm facing out) in the direction of an approaching bus to signal the driver that they need help. Bus operators are trained to recognize this as a sign of distress and will stop to help your child.

You can download Regina Transit’s Safe Bus Colouring and Activity Book  to help explain the Safe Bus program to your child.