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Accessible Bus Stops

Accesible Bus StopRegina Transit has six accessible bus stops located on 11th Avenue by the Cornwall Centre. These bus stops improve accessibility for customers with disabilities. The unique bus stops include:

  • A yellow pole
  • A yellow schedule holder indicating the route name and numbers that stop at that location
  • A braille plaque indicating the route name and numbers stopping at that location
  • Raised lettering information plaque

Push Button for HeatThese unique features help persons with disabilities use and identify the bus stop. On 11th Avenue, we also have accessible heated bus shelters. Each shelter is powered by electricity and is large enough to accomodate a person using a mobility device. The light in the shelter comes on automatically when it becomes dark outside. Transit riders waiting for their bus can activate radiant heaters in the shelter by pushing a button. Also included is a braille "Push for heat" decal located beside the button. Once activated, the heat stays on for approximately five minutes.

Accessible Bus Stop Shelter