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Trip Tips

Over 6 million passengers travel with Regina Transit each year. With so many passengers travelling on a bus, it’s important that everyone follow these tips to make sure every trip is pleasant and comfortable.

  • Never walk directly in front of or behind a bus – the bus operator and other motorists may not see you.
  • Warn children not to play near buses or bus stops. Serious injuries can occur if children throw rocks at buses or hang onto the back bumper of buses to “ski” down icy streets in winter.
  • Have your fare, R-Card, or transfer ready as the bus arrives.
  • Board as quickly as possible and exit from the rear door of the bus.
  • Obtain your transfer when paying your fare, not at the end of your trip.
  • Leave designated priority seating (front seats) available for seniors and those with limited mobility.
  • Keep the aisle clear of bags, backpacks, and briefcases.
  • Hold strollers securely next to your seat or hold your child and fold the stroller during your trip.
  • Use hand rails if you must stand. Move to the back of the bus to allow additional passengers to stand.
  • Do not put your feet on the seats or allow young children to stand on the seat.
  • Do not smoke, litter, or cause a disturbance while riding the bus. Aggressive behaviour and course language will not be tolerated.
  • Place carry-on bags, backpacks, and other parcels under your seat or in your lap, not in the aisle.
  • Keep your arms and hands inside the bus.