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Schedules effective April 29, 2018

On January 18, 2018 the Community and Protective Services committee approved the following route changes to be implemented April 29, 2018:

NEW Route 60                                 

Arcola Express Runs Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and

3 p.m. to 6 p.m. In just 20 minutes, you can get from the Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre to Regina's downtown core!

Route 6 Westhill-Ross Industrial Weekday schedule change
Route 7 Whitmore Park-Glencairn Expanded Tuxedo Park service
Route 8 Eastview-Normandy Heights Weekday & Saturday schedule change
Route 9 Parkridge-Albert Park Expanded Tuxedo Park service

Route 10

RCMP-Normanview Expanded Fairways West service

Route 12                

Varsity Park-Mount Royal Changed Windsor Park service

Route 17 Mapleridge Saturday schedule change
Route 40 Albert Street Express Expanded Harbour Landing service

Effective April 29, 2018, there will no longer be a route #14 Windsor Park-Spruce Meadows. This area is now serviced by the new #60 Arcola Express and changes to the #12 Varsity Park-Mount Royal.

The #2 will now be named Argyle Park-Wood Meadows. There is no change to the route or schedule.  

In addition, extra bus service added for the U-Pass program will be reduced over the summer. All services suspended April 29 will return on August 20. The following routes will be affected and have schedule changes:

Route 3        University, Sherwood Estates
Route 4 Hillsdale, Walsh Acres
Route 18 Harbour Landing, University
Route 21 Glencarin, University
Route 22 Arcola East, University
Route 30 Rochdale, University Express

Current schedules effective until April 28, 2018

Weekday, Saturday and/or Sunday times for each schedule vary; double check for the correct day of the week.

Route 1                      Dieppe-Broad North
Route 2 Argyle Park-Wood Meadows
Route 3/4 #3 University-Sherwood Estates and #4 Hillsdale-Walsh Acres
Route 5 Uplands-Downtown
Route 6 Westhill-Ross Industrial
Route 7/9    #7 Glencairn-Whitmore Park and #9 Albert Park-Parkridge
Route 8               Eastview-Normandy Heights
Route 10 RCMP-Normanview
Route 12 Varsity Park-Mount Royal                                   
Route 14 Windsor Park-Spruce Meadows
Route 15 Heritage
Route 16 Lakeridge-Hawkstone
Route 17                        Mapleridge                                                                                   
Route 18 University-Harbour Landing
Route 21 University-Glencairn
Route 22 University-Arcola East
Route 30 University-Rochdale Express
Route 40 Albert Street Express
Route 50           Victoria Avenue Express                             


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