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Transit's New R-Card

What is an R-Card?

The R-Card is a reloadable smart card that will replace tickets and monthly passesR-cards. It can be loaded with pre-paid rides, cash equivalent or monthly passinformation.

It will work with Regina Transit’s electronic fare collection system. The Card, which contains a microchip, looks like a credit or debit card.

When you board the bus, simply hold the Card over the fare reader. It will accept your ride with an audible beep and a green light. It will display how many rides or how much cash value you have left on your Card. It will also remind you of the expiry date of your monthly pass.

What kind of R-Cards are available and how much will they cost?

Cards will come in four different versions each a different colour – Adult, Senior, Post-Secondary and Youth. The reloadable Card can be used over and over again. Value can be added at any Transit Agent whether you purchase a monthly pass or 10 or 20 rides. Your first Card will cost $5. At time of purchase, you can load the Card with rides or monthly passes. Seniors can load their Cards with semi-annual or annual passes.

The fare structure has not changed.

Remember not to bend or punch holes in your R-Card as it will damage the card's microchip. You will have to purchase a replacement R-Card if your original card is damaged in this way. Your replacement R-Card does not come with rides; please ensure the balance is transferred or added.

Can I still use cash?

The fare box will accept coins, with the exception of pennies. The fare box will automatically count and display the amount as it is inserted. Paper money is not accepted, and operators cannot make change.

What if I need to transfer?

If you board a second bus within an hour of paying for your original trip, the R-Card will identify your next trip as a transfer. If you pay with coins, you will need to ask the operator for a paper transfer. When paying for more than one fare with the R-Card, the second person must request a paper transfer.

What if I lose my Card?

If your Card is lost or stolen, and it has been registered with Regina Transit, it will be replaced and its remaining value will be transferred on to the new Card. Call 306-777-7726 to report lost or stolen Cards. It will be put on a hot list and cancelled the next day so no one else can use your Card.

How do I register my Card?

There are many benefits to registering your R-Card – it can be replaced if Transit is notified it has been lost or stolen; it can be cancelled, and the remaining balance on the R-Card can be transferred to a new R-Card.

Registration is simple: Fill out the R-Card Registration Form (after purchase) and email it to If you are using Internet Explorer as a browser, you can add your electronic signature immediately when you download the form. If you are using other browsers such as Chrome or Safari, be sure to open the form with Adobe Reader so that you can add your electronic signature easily.