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Care for your City-Owned Tree

If you wish, you can water, fertilize, and protect your City-owned tree with a cankerworm band or Bacillus thurengiensis (Bt) at your own expense. You should also report any diseased or damaged trees by using the City's online Contact Us form or by calling 306-777-7000.

However, Forestry Bylaw 2002-48 lists many things that you CANNOT do to a City-owned tree such as:

  • Do not prune a City-owned tree.
  • The City follows a rotating pruning schedule to care for its trees throughout Regina.
  • If the tree’s branches are interfering with power lines, call SaskPower at 1-888-757-6937 and they will arrange to prune offending branches from either private or City-owned trees.
  • If the tree’s branches have been torn off in a storm or are obstructing traffic signs, sidewalks or driveways, use the City's online Contact Us form or by calling 306-777-7000.
  • Do not remove a City-owned tree without permission.
  • Do not remove or interfere with any protective barrier or device on or around a City-owned tree.
  • Do not apply herbicides other than Bt.
  • Do not attach any notice, bill, poster, sign, wire, rope, cord, nail or other object to or around a City-owned tree.
  • Do not commence or continue construction/activities that damage or interfere with the tree’s root system, trunk, or upper structure (example: changing grade around the tree, walkways or driveways too close to tree, piling material around the base of the tree, etc.) If you are planning construction around a City-owned tree, you must receive prior approval from the City on how you plan to protect the tree from damage. Refer to the Forestry Bylaw 2002-48   and the Tree Protection Guidelines  for the steps to follow to obtain this approval.