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City of Regina Tree Replacement Program

The City of Regina’s Tree Replacement Program extends the life of our urban forest by replacing dead, diseased or damaged City-owned trees on municipal property in parks, residential and arterial streets and boulevards.

The primary focus is replacing trees in older (20 – 80 years) areas where the original plantings were the responsibility of the City. New (not replacement) plantings in older areas or new developments are not included in this program. These typically fall within the land developer’s responsibility.

A limited number of trees are available for this program each year. Requests will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis. To submit a tree replacement request adjacent to your residential property, or for more information, contact Service Regina, either on- line at Contact Us or call 306-777-7000.

Upon receiving your request, City staff will inspect your yard to assess whether a new City-owned tree can be accommodated, where the tree can be planted and which species is suitable based on:

  • Yard size
  • Location of buildings and underground utilities
  • Curb location
  • Other amenities

Planting and After-care

Tree planting will occur in spring/early summer or fall.  Based on operational limitations, the timeline for tree planting will depend on when requests are received and the volume of requests for that year.  As such, if demand exceeds capacity, requests may be moved to the next planting season.

Trees will be 2-3 m in height and have a 3-4 cm trunk diameter.  City staff will plant and water your new tree once, after which it is your responsibility to keep your tree watered at your own cost.  If required, trees will also be staked after planting.  If applicable, please keep your tree staked for one year, after which time stakes can be removed.