Image of the City of Regina

Identifying City-Owned Trees

City-owned trees are usually located on City property, such as parks, green spaces, and along certain areas of your residential or commercial property:

  • City-owned boulevard trees are located on the strip of City-owned land between the sidewalk and your private property. This strip can vary from .05 to 5 m in depth. Often, the depth can be determined by locating the Water Curb Box Valve (WCB) as the WCB is generally at or near the property line.
  • City-owned trees may also be located on City property which is grass strip between your sidewalk and the street curb.

If you live on a corner lot, or cannot find your WCB valve, use the City's online Contact Us form or call 306-777-7000 to request an investigation into whether the tree is yours or owned by the City.

If the City’s Forestry Section determines that the City did not plant the tree on your property, then the tree will be considered as ‘private’ and you will be responsible for its maintenance and any other costs.