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Problems With Roots From City-Owned Trees

Sometimes tree roots from City-owned trees will invade your drainage or sewer pipes, appear on your lawn, or lift your driveway or sidewalk. Any work or repairs that may involve the root system must follow the guidelines listed in Appendix E of the Regina Urban Forest Management Strategy.

  • Tree roots in drainage/sewer pipes Tree roots growing into pipes with pre-existing cracks can cause leaks and clogs. The City only repairs or replaces the sewer line that is on the City’s portion of the property (from the main shut off valve in your yard to the pipe in the street) and not on your private property (from the main shut off valve in your yard to inside your house.) If you think your sewer line is blocked by roots from a City-own tree, use the City's online Contact Us form or call 306-777-7000 for investigation and response.
  • Surface roots and your lawn Surface roots are not removed from public or private property adjacent to City trees. You may top dress the area or add soil underneath the surrounding turf. You can also replace the turf with a mulch of rock, bark chips, or perennial ground covers to camouflage the roots. However, the mulch or top dressing cannot be more than 5 cm or else the roots will suffocate and rot.
  • Surface roots and your driveway/sidewalk You are responsible for any repairs to your driveway or sidewalk that are on your private property. You can submit a claim; however claims are investigated individually to determine the City's liability. Corrective action to remedy the situation will be undertaken once the site has been inspected and the City's liability determined.