Image of the City of Regina

Remove a City-Owned Tree

Worker cuts down tree with chainsawCity-owned trees are only removed under 2 circumstances:

  • if it is not an “established tree” as defined by the Forestry Bylaw 2002-48 
  • if the head of Community Services has agreed to your request to remove the tree

You cannot remove a City-owned tree if the roots are causing problems with your private driveway/walkway or if the tree is causing drainage or sewer blockage problems.

Submit a request to remove a City-owned tree

If you are requesting that a live, City-owned tree be removed from your property, you will have to pay for the removal and relocation of the tree, as well as any additional costs. Costs are identified in Appendix F of the Regina Urban Forest Management Strategy  also known as RUFMS.

If you wish to proceed and pay for the costs in removing your City-own tree, you will need to follow these steps to receive approval from the head of Community Services:

  1. Complete the Tree Removal Application.
  2. Submit your application to Forestry.
  3. Forestry will review your application and prepare a report to the head of Community Services for consideration and will make a recommendation regarding the tree’s removal.
  4. Your report will be reviewed and a decision made (a process which can take up to 4 weeks.)
  5. If your request is approved, you will have to pay for costs identified in Appendix F of RUFMS  as well as speak with City crews so employees can remove the tree.