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Watering Trees

A tree’s root system extends out at least as far as the tree is tall. Most of the tree's feeder roots are in the top 15 cm of soil. Therefore you will likely

water and fertilize over a large area of your yard to provide proper nutrients to your urban tree.

If you placed mulch in a large circle around your trees, you may only need to water if there’s a drought. However if you haven’t mulched, you will need to thoroughly water your tree 2 or 3 times a season (e.g., beginning of June, July, and August). To thoroughly water a tree:

  1. Use a pitchfork to punch 1 centimetre holes - about 15 cm deep and 30 cm apart - in the soil along the tree’s dripline (where the outer branch edges encircle the tree.)
  2. Place a soaker hose upside down over the holes.
  3. Turn on your outdoor tap. Adjust the water so it flows slowly into the ground.
  4. Water for 3 to 6 hours to soak the ground thoroughly.

Near the end of August, stop watering until the trees have dropped their leaves. This allows the trees to harden for winter. Once the tree’s leaves have fallen, give both trees and shrubs a good soak each week until the ground freezes. This practice helps plants withstand Regina’s dry winter conditions.