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Linden, American


Height and Spread American Linden trees, also known as Basswood, can grow up to 21 metres in height and may have a crown width between 9 and 15 metres.

Hardiness Zone 2

Preferred growing conditions Since it grows well on the flood plains, this tree likes deep, fertile, well-drained loam and clay soils. It prefers full sun, but cannot withstand drought for any period of time.

Form American Linden trees are medium to large in size with a rounded shape. It’s root system spreads quite far around the tree.

Flower/seeds 3 to 7 creamy white flowers cluster together and are attached to a leaf-like bract which turn into brown, pea-sized ‘nuts’ under a centimetre in length.

Leaf American Linden leaves are leathery, heart-shaped green leaves with a serrated edge approximately 7 to 12 cm in length.

Bark/wood Bark may be grey or brown with many long narrow ridges.

Berries Not applicable; however honey from the Linden tree is considered delicious.

Pruning Prune to keep shape.

Problems (Disease/Insects)