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Height and Spread Hackberry can grow 12 to 18 metres or more in height and may have a crown width of 7 to 13 metres.

Hardiness Zone 2

Preferred growing conditions Grows best in moist, well-drained sites but can tolerate alkaline soils and drought conditions. Grows well in either full sun or partial shade.

Form Hackberry is a medium-sized tree whose branches broaden and arch out when mature (similar to an Elm tree.)

Flower/seeds Clusters of pale-green flowers turn into a dark purple fleshy fruit that contains one seed (pit).

Leaf Toothed, shiny green serrated leaves are approximately 5 to 12 centimetres in length and 2 to 5 centimetres in width.

Bark/wood Bark is usually grey with narrow ridges.

Fruit The purplish fruit is approximately 0.5 cm in diameter and contains a pit. Fruit is eaten by many birds and mammals.

Pruning Prune to keep shape and remove damaged limbs. Sterilize pruning saws and shears with methanol (gasline anti-freeze) between cuts and between trees.

Problems (Disease/Insects)

Rodents, wildlife, nipple gall, witches-broom