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Lilac, Late


Height and Spread Late Lilacs can grow up to 3 metres in height and may have a crown width of 2 to 3 metres.

Hardiness Zone 2

Preferred growing conditions Grows best in full sun but does not withstand drought as well as common lilac. Does not withstand ponding.

Form The branches of Late Lilacs are thick and upright that form an oval outline.

Flower/seeds White or rosy lilac, fragrant flowers appear in clusters at the end of branches. After blooming, flowers turn into smooth, brown seeds.

Leaf Late lilac leaves are green, smooth, and oval in shape, approximately 5 to 15 cm long and 2 to 10 cm in width.

Bark/wood Mature bark is greyish-brown.

Berries Not applicable

Pruning Prune to keep shape. Note: Pruning affects flower production as flowers appear on new growth.

Problems (Disease/Insects)

Leaf spots, blights, lilac borer, caterpillars, scales and leaf miners