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Cherry, Mongolian


Height and Spread Mongolian Cherries can grow up to 2 metres height and may have a crown width of 1-2 metres.

Hardiness Zone 2

Preferred growing conditions Likes moist, loamy soils and prefers full sun. Does not tolerate drought or shade.

Form Mongolian Cherries are a dense, rounded shrub with upright branches. This medium-sized shrub will sucker.

Flower/seeds White hanging flowers in pairs or fours turn into fruit that is used in cooking.

Leaf Mongolian Cherry leaves are glossy green, elliptical in shape with serrated edges about 1 to 5 cm in length.

Bark/wood Bark is brown.

Berries Dark red, cherry-shaped fruit.

Pruning Prune to keep shape.

Problems (Disease/Insects)

Wildlife may eat tender shoots and fruit.