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Cherry, Nanking


Height and Spread Nanking Cherries can quickly grow up to 3 metres in height and may have a crown width of 2-3 metres.

Hardiness Zone 2

Growing conditions Does best in loamy soils in full-sun conditions. Shrub can tolerate winter conditions, wind and dryness.

Form Nanking Cherries looks twiggy when young, but spreads out to become more picturesque when mature. This shrub does not live long.

Flower/seeds Shrub is covered with numerous pink buds that open up to reveal white flowers.

Leaf Leaves on Nanking Cherry shrubs are up to 7 cm long, have a serrated edge and are dark green colour with white hairs underneath.

Bark/wood Bark is shiny brown.

Berries Fruit is dark red, cherry-shaped with a pit in the middle.

Pruning Prune to keep shape.

Problems (Disease/Insects)

Branch cankers, wildlife may eat fruit and bark.