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Height and Spread Silverberry is a aggressive suckering shrub that grows 1 to 3 metres in height and may have a crown width of 1 to 2 metres.

Hardiness Zone 2

Preferred growing conditions Grows well in full sun or light shaded areas that have coarse soils and good subsoil moisture. It’s drought tolerant but cannot stand water-logged or ponded sites.

Form Silverberry shrubs are narrow bushes with upright branches.

Flower/seeds Fragrant, yellow tubular flowers with silver exteriors grow from the leaf stems in May.

Leaf Silverberry leaves are simple, slivery green, oval-shaped leaves approximately 1 to 7 cm in size.

Bark/wood Bark is brown and sometimes shades of grey.

Berries Silvery, egg-shaped berries -- with a fleshy outside and seed inside -- grow and mature in September and October.

Pruning Prune to keep shape. This shrub is an aggressive suckering shrub.

Problems (Disease/Insects)

Branch cankers. Wildlife will eat branches and bark.