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Common Pests, Weeds & Diseases

The City of Regina encourages you to adopt an integrated pest management approach (IPM) using preventative, physical, beneficial insects and animals and chemical tools to control insects, weeds, and diseases which may appear on your yard.

Below is a list of common lawn insects, weeds, and diseases. Each description lists the effect it has in your yard and how to control pests using "IPM tools".  (Note: Each description opens up in a new browser.)

Insect List

Weed List


Plant Disease List

Ants (Pavement) Chickweed Ash Decline
Aphids (Plant lice) Dandelions Birch Dieback
Ash Bark Beetle Fairy Ring Black Knot
Ash Borer Mushrooms  Dothiorella Wilt
Ash Plant Bugs Dutch Elm Disease
Birch Leaf Miners Fireblight
Boxelder Bugs (Maple Bugs) Snow mould
Bronze Birch Borer Verticilicum Wilt
Budworms Wetwood
Cankerworms Winter Browning (Desiccation)
Conifer Wood Borers
Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid
Cottonwood Leaf Beetle
Cypress Tip Moth (Cedar)
Elm Bark Beetle
Fall Webworm
Gypsy Moth
Juniper Scale
Juniper Webworm
Lacewing (beneficial)
Lady Bird Beetles (beneficial)
Leaf Miners
Leaf Rollers
Mourning Cloak Butterfly
Pine Shoot Borer
Pine Tube Moths
Pine Webworm
Sphinx Moth
Spiders (beneficial)
Spruce Needle Mine
Tent Caterpillar
Treehoppers (Buffalo)
Tussock Moth
Willow Leaf Beetle
Willow Redgall Sawfly