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Ash Bark Beetle


  • Larvae: Larvae are C-shaped, legless and white with a brown head. After hatching from eggs, the larvae tunnel into the inner bark of the trunk and branches, parallel to the grain of the wood.
  • Adult: Ash Bark beetles are grey and brown and approximately 2-3 mm long. Adults over winter in hibernation chambers at the base of the tree (hibemacula) or in tunnels between the bark and wood of infested branches.

Identifying infestations:

  • Damaged bark and wood: Infested branches will show entrance and ventilation holes.

IPM Toolkit:

  • Preventive tools: Not applicable
  • Physical tools:
    • Pruned branches from infected trees should be burned or buried to destroy any larvae or beetles present.
  • Biological tools: Not applicable
  • Chemical tools: Not applicable