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Height and Spread:

Varies depending on growing conditions. The dandelion flower stalk can grow anywhere from 15 to 30 cm high in 1 or 2 days.

Growing Season:

The first flush (rapid period of growth) occurs in late spring, with a second flush during the late summer.

IPM Toolkit:

  • Preventive tools:
    • A thick, healthy lawn reduces the chance of dandelion seeds establishing in your yard. Read tips on how to care for and grow a healthy lawn.
  • Physical tools:
    • Use a knife or dandelion digger to remove both the plant and root since dandelions grow back from the root.
    • Regular mowing will also remove flower heads before they go to seed.
  • Biological tool: Not applicable.
  • Chemical tools:
    • McGill University is experimenting with biological fungus which may kill dandelions.
    • Spot-treat individual plants with 2, 4-D.