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Leaf miners


  • Eggs: Females lay eggs on leaves where they hatch.
  • Larvae: Larvae are whitish and may grow up to 6 millimetres long. They drop to the ground for pupation where they overwinter in the soil.
  • Adults: Adults emerge in May. They are dark bodied, wasp-like and about 6 millimetres long.

Identifying infestations:

  • Stippled or dead areas on leaves: Larvae mine food from the leaves of the tree, resulting in a small dot or brown blotch on the leaf.
  • Presence of larvae: See larvae when you hold an infected leaf up to the light.

IPM Toolkit:

  • Preventive tools:
    • Follow a regular watering, fertilizing, and pruning schedule to keep your trees as healthy as possible to resist attack.
    • Rake fallen leaves and other organic material around the tree where the insect likes to overwinter.
  • Physical tools: Not applicable
  • Biological tools: Not applicable
  • Least toxic chemical tools: Not applicable