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Boxelder Bugs (Maple Bugs)


  • Nymphs: Nymphs are bright red.
  • Adult: Adults are black with a few red lines on the body and have red eyes. They are about 10 mm long. They do not bite or eat anything in your home.

Identifying infestations:

  • Boxelder beetles on surfaces or in homes: Boxelder bugs may invade your home or garage in fall when they are searching for shelter for the winter.

IPM Toolkit:

  • Preventive tools:
    • Since boxelder bugs eat the seed pods of boxelder trees (Manitoba Maple trees), remove female boxelder trees from your yard.
  • Physical tools:
    • Sweep clumps of boxelder bugs into a garbage bag when the congregate in early morning.
    • Vacuum clumps of boxelder bugs with your vacuum cleaner (change bag immediately afterwards.)
  • Biological tools: Not applicable
  • Chemical tools:
    • Applications of homemade insecticidal soap can control boxelder infestations.