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DO NOT EAT any mushrooms you may find on your lawn as they may be poisonous.

Height and Spread: Mushrooms vary in height and spread depending on the species.

Growing Season: Mushrooms are a fungus and usually live off of decaying organic matter.  Mushrooms also appear after prolonged wet weather and disappear as the ground dries. One mushroom may release millions of microscopic spores from its ‘gills’ underneath its cap which are easily carried by the wind and germinate when the conditions are right. 

IPM Toolkit:

Preventive tool:

  • Most mushrooms grow where dead wood is located under the surface of your lawn. To prevent mushrooms from growing, pull away the sold and remove the wood debris in your soil. Then fill in the hole and replace the sod.
  • Since mushrooms like damp conditions, ensure your lawn properly drains and avoid over watering.

Physical tools:

  • Hand-pick mushrooms whenever they appear to ensure young children and pets do not accidentally eat the mushrooms.

Biological tools:

  • Not applicable.

Least-toxic chemical tools:

  • If the above tools do not work, consult your local garden centre to determine the least-toxic chemical tool to control your mushrooms.