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Spiders (beneficial)


  • Eggs: Spiders lay eggs in an egg sac which is then hidden in a web, attached to a flat surface or carried on the spider’s body.
  • Adults: Adult spiders take on many shapes, sizes, and colours. You can identify spiders from other insects by the number of legs – spiders have 4 pairs of legs while insects have 3. In Saskatchewan, most spiders are harmless to humans.

Encouraging spider populations:

  • Preferred food sources: Spiders primarily eat crawling insects and are considered the most effective natural insect predator.

IPM Toolkit:

Spiders are one of the most important ‘biological tools’ you have in your IPM toolkit. Avoid accidentally killing these beneficial insects through the use of chemical insecticides.

If you are frightened of spiders and see one indoors, trap the spider in a jar and release it outside where it will find insects to eat. Remove any spider webs on ceilings, walls and windows with a cloth or paper towel.