Image of the City of Regina

City's Dandelion Control Program

The City's weed control program is as follows -

Under The Weed Control Act dandelions are a nuisance weed. The Act says that nuisance weeds need to be controlled, not eradicated.

Here is what the City is doing to control dandelions and other weeds:

  • The City sprays for dandelions in the fall. In fall the weed starts storing food in the root for winter. The herbicide will also move to the roots providing effective control. Not all areas of the city are sprayed every year.
  • Areas are monitored and priority is given to areas where there are more weeds. Once those areas have been sprayed, crews will spray less affected areas.
  • When areas are healthy, it is harder for weeds to grow, so the City has increased practices like fertilizing and aerating in parks to make it harder for weeds to grow. At home you can use this tip to control weeds in your yard.
  • Crews have also increased mowing during the spring to address long grass and dandelion problems.
  • By using these measures, the City is looking to control weeds, including dandelions. This also allows us to reduce our reliance on traditional herbicides.
Weed Fact: Areas are chosen based on the weed threshold. Weed thresholds are a measure of weed density (weeds per m2) in an area. The City has begun doing weed threshold counts to determine whether an area needs to be sprayed.