Image of the City of Regina

City's Mosquito Control Program

Mosquitoes are blood-thirsty pests that thrive during wet, warm conditions. Some mosquitoes also carry West Nile Virus that can make you ill.

Larvae dipSince it takes just a cup of water to breed hundreds of mosquitoes, huge swarms can live in the thousands of sloughs, ponds, puddles and other bodies of standing water in and around Regina. But the City has a battle plan to control these pests:

  • Monitoring mosquito larvae Crews take samples from water bodies in the city and up to 10 km outside city limits to check for mosquito larvae. If numbers of larvae are found, the City treats the water.
  • Treating bodies of water - The City uses a special bacterial agent called Vectobac ™ to kill mosquito larvae in ponds, lakes, sloughs, ditches and puddles. Although Vectobac ™ is harmless to pets, fish, wildlife, beneficial insects and humans, the City posts pesticide advisory signs in treated areas as part of its integrated pest management strategy.
  • Monitoring adult populations -  City staff hang light traps in different areas of Regina. Staff empty the traps daily and count the number of trapped adult mosquitoes of each species. The City uses this information to track population trends and for forecasting.
  • Public education -  The City advises the media and the public about our mosquito control program and tells everyone what they can do to help control mosquitoes.