Image of the City of Regina

Pesticide Advisory Line

The City of Regina works to accommodate people with chemical sensitivities or allergies. To learn where any when the City is using pesticides around Regina, call the City's Pesticide Advisory Line at 306-777-7777 any time day or night. The recorded message, updated daily in the summer, provides information on:

  • what products the City crews will be using and for what type of pest (insect, weed)
  • where crews will use these products (identified by subdivision, street names, or landmarks)
  • when the crews will use these products (current day, following day)

The Pesticide Advisory Line also identifies areas where City crews finished spraying over the past 2 days.

Pesticide spraying signs

In areas where the City has sprayed pesticides, crews will post a pesticide spraying sign. This sign, which stays in the area for 24 hours, lists what product was used, why it was applied, the date it was applied, and a contact number for more information.

Homeowner notification

When spraying City trees to control the spread of Dutch elm disease, the City will hang pre-spray notices at the home or apartment building where the pesticide will be used.