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Reduce your food waste

Follow these 4 easy steps to help reduce your food waste:

Step 1. Plan it out

  • Plan your meals.
    • Before going to the store, plan out your meals for the week.
  • Make a grocery list.
    • Check the supplies you already have at home.

Step 2: Store it properly

Most of the food wasted in our kitchens is food that needs refrigeration.

  • Store fruits and vegetables separately
  • Store and Label your leftovers (with a date). Generally good for 4 days (sometimes longer, depending on the type of food)
  • Keep ready-to-eat foods on upper and middle shelves
  • Don’t Mix (do not put raw meats with fruits and vegetables – contamination leads to spoilage)
  • Keep Milk, Eggs, Dairy in the coolest place of your fridge - At the back of your fridge, nearest to the freezer. Don’t leave it on the door, it is the warmest place of your fridge
  • Keep produce whole until ready to use. Cutting up fruits and veggies causes them to spoil quicker.
  • When possible, avoid washing produce until ready to eat or cook. Washed fruit has excess moisture which can speed up spoiling. If you do wash it right away, dry it well before putting in the fridge.
  • Place items with preservatives or longer shelf lives on the door (condiments, juices, water). The door is the warmest place of the fridge (loses cold air when opened)

Step 3: Learn to love leftovers

  • Store and label with the date.
    • Generally leftovers are good for four days.
  • Be creative.
    • Find a recipe to incorporate your leftover food.

Step 4: Turn food waste into compost