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Biweekly Collection FAQ

How will biweekly garbage collection work?

  • Residents who receive weekly curbside garbage collection will move to every other week collection service from November 20, 2017 to March 30, 2018.
  • Garbage collection days are not changing, but due to altering routes cart pick-up times could change.
  • Blue cart recycling collection remains unchanged.

Why are we moving to biweekly garbage collection in the winter?

  • Given our fiscal reality, tough choices needed to be made in order to balance the City's 2017 Budget.
  • This is an opportunity to pilot biweekly (every other week) garbage collection this winter.
  • The City will monitor to see how biweekly collection works in Regina.

I currently receive alley garbage collection, will my cart collection location change with the move to biweekly garbage collection?

  • The only thing that is changing with your garbage collection is the frequency. Your cart placement and pick up day remains the same.

How can I find out when my garbage collection day is?

  • Sign up for cart collection day reminders using the online collection schedule tool.
  • Residents who sign up, or have already signed up, for recycling collection reminders will automatically be signed up for garbage collection reminders when the system is functional.
  • Collection schedules will be provided with the City of Regina Utility bills in October.

I am already signed up for recycling collection reminders. Will I automatically receive garbage collection pickup or do I need to reapply?

  • Yes, if you are signed up for recycling reminders, you will automatically be signed up for garbage reminders in the same method you already receive them – text, email, etc.
  • When we move back to weekly garbage collection, you cancel or modify your reminder to turn off garbage collection reminders but keep biweekly recycling collection reminders.

How will a change to biweekly collection benefit Regina residents?

  • This allows for an increase in waste diversion opportunities and sending less waste to the landfill.
  • Get some tips to reduce your waste and use the Waste Wizard tool to help you properly sort your household waste.

What do I do if I miss my collection?

  • If it is your scheduled collection week, call Service Regina at 306-777-7000.
  • On, click ‘Need help?’ on the tool and select ‘I have a problem with my collection service, such as a missed collection’. This will take residents to the ‘Contact Us’ online request form to submit a Service Request.

Why is collection of recyclables kept on a biweekly schedule?

  • Waste audits show that on average blue carts put out in Regina every other week and are only 70 per cent full.
  • If you have additional recyclables, extra paper and cardboard can be taken to any of the Big Blue Bin locations around the city.

Will you be adding additional collection over the holiday season?

  • Yes, we will be moving to weekly garbage collection from December 23, 2017 to January 5, 2018.
  • Collection on December 25 will be moved to December 23.
  • Learn some tips to reduce waste.

Am I able to switch to a larger cart?

  • The 240-litre garbage carts hold approximately four bags of garbage as opposed to six bags in the 360-litre carts.
  • These carts were implemented to acknowledge the amount of waste diverted through recycling and composting.
  • Please contact Service Regina and a Waste Diversion Specialist will be happy to contact you about your options.

What do I do if I have a large family which results in more than my garbage cart holds every two weeks, despite trying to recycle and compost?

  • Please contact Service Regina and a Waste Diversion Specialist will be happy to contact you about your options.

Can a get a second garbage or recycling cart?

  • At this time, the City does not offer a second garbage or recycling cart.
  • For additional disposal options check Waste Wizard on to find out where you can take common household items.

Will collection of garbage every two weeks cause odour and attract pests and wildlife?

  • Biweekly collection is only planned for the winter season as household food waste will remain frozen in the garbage cart. This will deter odor and will not attract wildlife or pests.