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Analytical Requirements

Potentially Contaminated Soil

The Landfill does not accept contaminated soil. Test results confirming the material is not contaminated are required. The minimum tests required are leachable metals, total hydrocarbons (F1-F4), total benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes (BTEX), pH and flashpoint. Test results must be from a Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA) accredited laboratory and submitted in pdf format. One sample must be taken every 500 cubic metres of soil.

The following information must be provided with the analytical.

  1. Site origin with current and historical land use
  2. Soil texture (fine or coarse grained)
  3. Potential regulated substances present within the soil
  4. Sampling method
  5. Volume of waste (m³)

If you are unsure if your special waste requires analytical or Safety Data Sheet submission, please contact