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Special Waste Asbestos FAQ

Can asbestos be disposed of at the Landfill?

Yes, however a special waste permit must first be acquired. Please follow these steps to dispose of asbestos at the Landfill.

Can a customer mix garbage/regular waste in with an asbestos load?

No, the asbestos waste load must be free of all garbage and other waste or it will be rejected. All loads are subject to inspection.

How should asbestos be contained/wrapped/bagged for disposal at the Landfill?

Failure to comply with these practices will result in an asbestos load being rejected:

  1. Friable Asbestos Waste – Friable asbestos waste must be double bagged in yellow, six millimetres thick asbestos bags. Friable asbestos bags must be clearly labelled stating “asbestos”. Asbestos disposal techniques must reduce or eliminate air pockets to avoid becoming a “popping” hazard when using the above mentioned bags. Asbestos containing bags should not exceed 35 inches in width and 50 inches in length. It is recommended that friable asbestos be wetted before being double bagged.

  2. Non-Friable Asbestos – Non-friable asbestos waste materials must be encapsulated in wet soil/dirt prior to being wrapped in 6 millimetres thick poly, secured and labelled clearly stating “asbestos.” Asbestos pipe insulation or pipe must have the broken ends sealed in plastic and must be clearly labelled stating “asbestos” and encapsulated in wet soil/dirt; any small pieces (fragments) must be double bagged in 6 millimetre thick yellow bags.

Sealed drums are not acceptable asbestos waste containers. For more information on how to accommodate abnormal loads, contact

How long will it take for a Special Waste Disposal Permit application to be processed?

All applications will be reviewed within two business days. Following approval the applicant must contact Landfill Operations and set up a disposal time. Disposal times are subject to weather and operations availability.

How long is my Special Waste Disposal Permit valid for?

Once a customer has received an approved Special Waste Disposal Permit, it is valid for two weeks from the approval date. Any time the material type changes (friable asbestos to non-friable asbestos) or the source changes a new permit is required.

Can my application be denied?

Yes, if a customer’s permit is denied it will be accompanied with the reason for denial. It is important to note that the City of Regina reserves the right to limit or refuse the acceptance of asbestos and other special wastes. Contact regarding any denial inquiries.

What are the reasons that an asbestos load may be rejected?

  1. There are two main reasons for the rejection of an asbestos load:

    The asbestos waste load does not comply with provincial regulations and/or the City of Regina Landfill’s Special Waste Disposal Permit (i.e. garbage or regular waste in the load, improperly bagged asbestos, bags are not labelled, etc.).

  2. The weather is unsafe to dispose asbestos (i.e. high winds).

What happens if my load is rejected at the Landfill?

If an asbestos load is rejected for issues arising from an unacceptable load, the approved permit will be void. Correct the issue and then contact for further instructions and/or to re-apply for another permit. The customer must go through the Special Waste Disposal Permit process again.

If the load is rejected due to weather conditions, the Landfill staff may re-schedule disposal with the customer once they have been informed of the load rejection. If the Landfill has not re-scheduled a time, the customer must contact the Landfill by phone to re-schedule disposal. You will not need to re-apply for a permit after a rejection due to weather conditions unless your permit has expired.

Why does the Landfill require a customer to provide at least 24-hour notice/call back prior to disposing of asbestos?

Due to asbestos posing a hazard to human health, it is dependent on weather conditions, disposal site conditions and available qualified Landfill operators. Therefore, asbestos disposal must be scheduled with the Landfill and a 24-hour notice of disposal must be given in order for the Landfill to prepare the asbestos disposal site and to ensure the safety of all persons involved in the disposal process.

How should a customer transport their asbestos load?

It is the customer’s responsibility to transport and offload asbestos waste to and at the Landfill.

Are there any (other) safety protocols that a customer should follow?

Due to safety risks all customers must wear high visibility vests, hard hats and steel-toed safety boots when depositing asbestos at the Landfill.