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Holiday Waste Reduction Tips

Reduce – Save your pennies and avoid overconsumption

  • Reduce food waste by buying only what you need and sticking to your grocery list!
  • Cook just enough food based on the number of people attending the event
  • Send e-cards or e-vites instead of paper versions
  • Give the gift of experiences – movie tickets, club memberships and gift certificates for dinners or spa treatments
  • Avoid buying single use items and try to buy in bulk
  • Shop smart- buy items with less packaging

Reuse – Ditch disposable for reusable

  • When entertaining, skip the disposable dishes and use reusable
  • Make ‘upcycled’ decorations out of common household items. You can even make Christmas ornaments from the burnt-out light bulbs from your tree
  • Leftovers are the best part and eating them helps reduce food waste. Try out a Christmas Dinner Leftover Casserole recipe
  • When shopping, take your own reusable bags
  • Reuse ribbons, bows and gift bags next year!
  • Resist the urge to pop that bubble wrap (we know its hard!!) and reuse it later

Recycle – Put all acceptable items into your blue cart so they can become new things

  • Treecycle your real tree at one of our four free depots
  • Drop off your extra cardboard and paper at the Big Blue Bins
  • Recycle the cardboard part of toy packaging and trash the plastic part
  • Set up recycling and garbage bins throughout your home for convenient sorting
  • Learn which items are acceptable with the sorting guide or use the Waste Wizard tool.