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What Happens to the Recyclables in my Blue Cart?

Loraas Disposal Services will collect your recyclables and drop them off at Emterra Environmental’s facility, located at the Global Transportation Hub in Regina. Emterra will use an automated, state-of-the-art system to separate and sort the recyclables.

Once the recyclables are sorted and packaged into bales, Emterra will sell the recyclables and give the City 25 per cent of the revenue. The City’s share of the revenue has been factored into the recycling fee.

The companies that buy our recyclables will use them to make new products. While there are many uses for recyclable materials, here are some examples:

  • Plastic bottles can become new containers, fleece jackets, flower pots and plastic lumber.
  • Cardboard can be turned into new boxes.
  • Paper can be turned into egg cartons.
  • Glass can be used to make fibreglass, abrasive materials, reflective paint for highways and new glass products.
  • Newspapers can be recycled into fresh newsprint.
  • Tin can be turned into car parts.
  • Aluminum cans will be back on store shelves as new cans in as little as 60 days.

See what happens to your recycling after it goes into your City of Regina Blue Cart!