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Key Utility Investments in 2017

Regina’s Water Utility operates on a full-cost recovery basis. All revenue collected through the City’s utility bills is used to pay for all the costs of delivering the service on a daily basis and for building and maintaining the infrastructure required. Effective March 1, 2017, utility rates will increase by 4 per cent. As a result, the average homeowner will pay an additional $5.68 per month or about $155 more per year.

In 2017, $52 million will be transferred to build the Utility Reserve which funds the infrastructure needed to provide quality water, sewer and drainage systems now and in the future. The City recognizes this is a major capital investment that has required annual rate increases above the rate of inflation for the last ten years. This Utility rate strategy will be reviewed in the near future. Input from Regina residents will be important during this review.

Major capital investments are required. 2017 is the first year of a 10-year infrastructure renewal plan. $66 million will be invested this year, including:

  • Capital investment in water utility infrastructure to replace aging underground water, sanitary and drainage pipes. A third forcemain at the McCarthy Boulevard Pumping Station will be built to reduce the risk of wastewater and sewer backups during major rainfall events.
  • Meeting the regulatory expectations of the Water Security Agency (WSA) regarding sewage bypasses.
  • Providing the final capital investment to renew the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plan and fund the City’s share of ongoing operating costs.
  • Overseeing the contract to operate the Wastewater Treatment Plant and ensure the City's obligations are met.

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