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Municipal Services for Outside City Limits

Extra-municipal servicing refers to the City of Regina water distribution, wastewater collection (or septic tank wastewater discharge), and/or stormwater collection and related management services provided outside of the city limits.

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The Interim Extra-Municipal Servicing Policy is intended to provide consistency for decision-making and procedures for providing water, wastewater, drainage and related management services outside of the city limits. The policy establishes the criteria for evaluating applications, and clarifies roles and responsibilities of the various City of Regina divisions, departments, and branches for managing requests for these services.

The Interim Extra-Municipal Servicing Fees and Surcharges establishes the fee structure to recover the City’s costs associated with providing water, wastewater and drainage services to users outside of city limits.

After an application for extra-municipal service is approved, the City and the applicant must enter into an extra-municipal servicing agreement and an extra-municipal servicing connection agreement.

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