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Q&A: Review Contracting and Oversight Process

How do we know that the analysis to this point has been thorough and credible?
City of Regina staff and world class, independent consultants from AECOM and Deloitte have conducted extensive research on procurement options. City Administration has presented City Council with the recommended approach and an alternative option. The options are based on the advice of experts with significant business, financial and engineering expertise in this area.

Why has only one delivery model been considered?
Twelve procurement options were evaluated and narrowed down to five. From there, the top two delivery models were selected and carried forward into a rigorous and thorough Value for Money assessment phase. The recommended option and the best alternative option are presented for Council’s consideration.

How do we know the proposed option is in the best interest of residents?
The City’s consultants weighed an extensive array of factors in recommending the option under consideration to ensure that it represents the best option for the City of Regina and its residents, including:

  • Requirement for a high level of technical expertise to design and build the new plant,
  • Cost (including design, construction, operation and maintenance over the entire project life-cycle),
  • Funding models,
  • Risk,
  • Time,
  • Opportunities to mitigate risk, and
  • Labour availability.

Will there be publicly available verification of project performance and cost savings?
As with any project the City undertakes we have made the information publicly available. The report is on our website and we have launched a campaign encouraging Reginans to review it.