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2018 Proposed Water Utility Increase

The Water and Sewer Utility provides water, wastewater and drainage services primarily to customers in Regina. Rates are designed to cover the full cost – both the daily operating costs and the cost of infrastructure renewal – required to provide the services. In addition to providing residents and businesses with continuous water, wastewater and drainage services, funds are invested in the future replacement of underground pipes and other infrastructure essential to delivering a safe and reliable service to residents.

The Utility is proposing an overall 2% increase for 2018 as part of the 2018 Utility Budget. The proposal will be considered at the December 18 City Council meeting.  If approved, the new rates will be implemented January 1, 2018.

Report to Council - 2018 Utility Budget
2018 Utility Budget

The Utility operates a full cost-recovery, user-pay basis through utility rates. This model is based on users paying for the service rather than exclusively by property owners through municipal taxes. Services are charged monthly through a daily base rate and a volume (usage) charge.

Key Deliverables in 2018

  • Completion of the Wastewaster Master Plan.
  • Improved drainage service with the completion of the Arcola Avenue detention pond project and the 5th Avenue North Relief Sewer project.
  • Continued inspection and rehabilitation of our underground water, wastewater and drainage pipes.
  • Advancing wastewater system improvements to meet the regulatory expectations of the Water Security Agency related to sewage bypasses.
  • Begin the next phase of the Trunk Relief Initiative.
  • Initiate the St. Anne’s Park Drainage Project.