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The Utility is responsible for diverse infrastructure including water mains, storage reservoirs, pumping stations, building service connections, a wastewater treatment plant, wastewater and storm drainage sewers, as well as drainage channels and creeks. The City of Regina is also a joint owner of the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant with the City of Moose Jaw.

The services provided by the Utility are grouped into four service areas:

  • Water Supply and Distribution - The water system provides water for residential, institutional, commercial and industrial customers, as well as for fire protection. The system serves a population of over 220,000 including some customers outside city limits.
  • Wastewater Collection and Treatment - The wastewater system collects wastewater from all residential, institutional, commercial and industrial customers in the City and treats wastewater in accordance with the provincial and federal governments’ environmental regulations and industry standards.
  • Storm Water Collection and Flood Protection - The drainage system controls water runoff from rainfall and melting snow in and around the City. The system serves approximately 69,000 residential, institutional, commercial and industrial properties.
  • Customer Service - Customer service has two elements:
    • Utility Billing - producing and collecting on utility billings in an efficient, accurate and timely manner.
    • Communications - being responsive to customer inquiries and needs.

Utility rates are set based on a long-range financial model which covers the cost of operating the Utility and the cost of ongoing asset management and renewal. The model accounts for revenues from Utility rates as well as service agreement fees for new development. It also builds in some assumed debt. This serves to moderate the need for dramatic rate increases in any given year.