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Hauled Wastewater Site

The Hauled Wastewater Site (HWS) is a disposal location for commercially-hauled wastewater by permitted haulers. It's located at 950 Condie Road, one kilometre north of Dewdney Avenue.

Haulers must have an annual permit to dispose wastewater and are charged a per-use disposal fee to use the site. There are no registration or payment facilities at the HWS. Access is only allowed with an active Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) Tag.

Permits are issued based upon the vehicle’s tank capacity as determined in the Wastewater and Storm Water Bylaw, 2016. Permits are monitored using RFID and provide site usage tracking for billing purposes. Permits are issued for the same calendar year and not prorated. Applicants are encouraged to renew before permits expire.

Returning Users

Permitted haulers must renew their permits yearly. Simply complete the Annual Use Renewal form electronically, print a copy, sign it and scan it back to email. Directions are at the top of the form.

New Users

Accepted wastewater comes from construction and excavation sites, septic and holding tanks, chemical or portable toilet or other wastewater holding structures. To dispose other materials, contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000. Users and generators must ensure that any industrial, commercial or institutional wastewater has City of Regina approval before it is disposed at the HWS.

Apply for a Permit

  1. Complete the PDF fillable Hauled Wastewater Site Use Application. Applications must be completed electronically, except for the signature, or it will not be processed.
  2. For businesses without established credit with the City of Regina, complete the Application for Credit Terms.
  3. If credit is approved, the customer will receive monthly invoices showing site usage. Credit terms are detailed on the Application for Credit. Application for credit does not guarantee credit approval.
  4. Print and sign the form. Scan and email to, faxed to 306-777-6814 or deliver it to City Hall during regular business hours.
  5. Permits can take up to 10 business days to issue, depending on the conditions being requested.
  6. Once the permit is approved, the Applicant will be contacted to for site orientation within 3 business days.
  7. Following site orientation, the Applicant will receive an RFID Tag(s) and be able to access the HWS.

From permit application to RFID Tag issue can be up to 13 business days.

The site is governed by Wastewater and Storm Water Bylaw, 2016 and applicants applying to dispose hauled wastewater are encouraged to be familiar with it and the Water Security Agency’s (WSA) EPB 349-Liquid Domestic Waste Disposal regulations.

Applicants are required to follow the appropriate truck routes.

For more information about the hauled wastewater program, read the FAQs, or contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000.